Thursday, June 8, 2017

Just A Small Town Girl

Amelia started cheer camp this week. It was only three afternoons and it was the perfect thing for her! I really want her to play sports but right now she is all about gymnastics and cheer...what?!
They all had a berry colored ribbon on their shirts because earlier in the week one of the school aged girls had a brain aneurysm and she didn't make it. Such a sad thing to happen to someone so young. Please pray for her family. I can't imagine the pain!  
Amelia was all smiles before they performed for the crowd!
They did three cheers and my favorite one was "split the V, dot the I, that's the Indian Battle cry" because they had to do more than just clap their hands. She did so good--she learned most of the movements and was so proud standing up there!
After their three cheers they did a short dance. They danced to "Can't Stop the Feeling" by J. Timberlake (also seen on Trolls) and she knew all the words and added so much sass that I was shocked.
Love this small town girl!!

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