Sunday, June 11, 2017

Kitty Love

Just a few pictures of our latest addition. Sorry for all the cat posts but we are in love with him/her.
Today is the vet appointment so after today, we'll have a name and a gender! HA
He loved sitting with the kids in the car. They both fell asleep and the kitty started wandering around the truck, so he/she had to go back in the carrier.

I often wake up early and go bond/snuggle. He/she is getting used to us so it makes our bonding time better because I don't have to hold him/her in place.
Barrett still chases him/her around...hence his crazy face. My boy doesn't know how to sit and be quiet so the kitty runs and hides when Barrett comes in the room.
Uncle Ted brought up a silky chicken (right before we left for our reunion) and since it's so small, it's in our garage. These two actually really enjoy each other. Where the kitty walks, the chicken will follow along in the cage.
We miss Cooper terribly--we even call this little kitty Cooper sometimes and we quickly catch ourselves. We definitely needed this little one and he needed us.

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