Monday, June 26, 2017

Life Lately

There was nothing on the schedule this week--it was so good to sleep in and not to not have much of an agenda. Sleep, work, play, eat, nap...reapeat!
We went to the gym and to the trail. We have a 20 mile paved trail that goes through our town and it's the perfect spot to ride bikes and to get in a little exercise. The kids LOVE the trail!

Amelia had a playdate at Shelby's house--it was a great day for some time in the pool. I love that Amelia has some of the sweetest friends, seriously, I hope these girls stay close as they grow up! It was a good time for Barrett and myself to get some one-on-one time!

We've been trying all week to catch the critter that keeps breaking into our chicken coop and killing our chickens. We no longer have any chickens in the coop but something is still breaking in and making of mess of it. We want to make sure we catch whatever is doing the damage before adding more chickens (I would be okay to get rid of the coop but Jason would like to keep the chickens around a bit longer)
One of Amelia's best friends, Charli, had a birthday party after gymnastics on Thursday. It was a pool party and it was so much fun. The rain held off for the first hour but then the clouds opened and the last half of the party was spent hunkered under the awning.

Friday was a rainy day so I cashed in an 'employee appreciation' day. No work on a Friday usually means it's party time but it was a lazy day. Jason was on call (went into work at 4pm) so he was all about resting and being lazy with us.
Lexi came over later that afternoon for a sleepover and I took the kids to the Lazy L Safari to get rid of some energy. 
Jason was on call all weekend so we would visit him around dinnertime--we miss him when he's at the hospital so much. We have gotten used to a much better schedule since residency/fellowship have ended so when he has weekend call, it feels like a flashback to darker times HAHA!

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