Saturday, June 17, 2017

Officially Introducing Oscar Conway

I know that you've seen his sweet face on the blog before but we weren't sure if the kitty was a he/she so we had to wait until we went to the veterinarian.
Drum roll, please.....

Our sweet kitty is a boy. His name is Oscar "Grouchy" because he was found in a dumpster. To be honest, we call him Cooper more than Oscar, but we are trying. He is seven weeks old, possibly six weeks.

He has had his shots, some worm medicine and he goes for a follow-up appointment in two weeks. We've slowly been introducing him to inside. We hold him (he's not allowed down on the ground yet) and he's doing good with it. The dogs FREAK him out--he arches his back, hisses and starts swiping his paw and sharp little nails. We definitely have to work on that relationship but everything else is going really well.
We love our sweet little man. I think that we will keep him inside so we can prevent him from getting hurt but we've got to get him to like the pups a little more.

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