Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Nights

My kids love the farm--it's no secret.
We headed out there on Friday evening to practice riding the horses and to help get the arena ready for the barrel races on Saturday evening.
The kids got to ride a little bit and they watched their friend, Jarrett, practice his barrel pattern.
We left the arena on Friday around 10pm and then we headed back out there for the races at 7pm.
Did I mention that the farm is our happy place?!
We ate roughly 40 snow cones, 5 orders of nachos, drank more soda than we thought was possible and then topped it off with some candy and a piece of pie. The snack shack is a favorite...definitely, a favorite.
 We headed home around 11pm and the kids were filthy and exhausted from a fun evening at the arena with all their friends.
LOVE having nights like favorite kind of night!

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