Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Amelia The Mermaid

Amelia has been addicted to all things mermaid for awhile now but here recently, she started asking for a mermaid tail.
We've seen them on our favorite YouTube channel and we told her that when she was 12, she could get a tail.
Well...she got smart. She started researching the safety methods and how to kick out of the tail and we finally gave in.
She got to order the tail of her choice (she chose sunrise) and five days later it arrived.
She has lived in the tail...seriously. She eats in it, lays in bed with it and just plays around (outside of the water)in the tail.
We took her to the pool and we were shocked at how quickly she picked up on it. She is only allowed to be in the shallow, so she can stand up, and she can only have the tail on, if we are in the water.
She is definitely a mermaid---this little lady loves the water and loves her new tail. 

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