Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Barrett's First Day Of School

Today was Barrett's first day of school. He's in the 3s class because of when we plan to put him in kindergarten--he will start kindergarten when he's 5 so we have in the class with other little ones that will start kindergarten in two years.
We woke up excited and a little apprehensive for the day. He loves school but new routine makes our little man a little anxious.
How sweet does he look?!
I let him pick out his shirt for the day--I probably should have made him dress for the occasion (collared shirt) but he was set on wearing a character shirt. Still adorable, regardless of his shirt!

Drop off was rough--he cried and cried. I eventually had to walk away with him crying. His teacher said that he stopped crying two minutes after I left and had the best day.
I was able to get a picture of him walking to the playground and he was having the best time.
First day was a success! His report was amazing--so kind, friendly and he really listened to directions. Please pray that drop off time gets easier because it's rough on all parties!

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