Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last Days Of Summer

In Missouri, we start school so much earlier (at least it feels that way) than other parts of the country. Tomorrow is the big day, for Amelia, and then next week is the big day for Barrett and I thought it would be fun to recap their last few days of 'summer'

Amelia has had so much fun time with her friends--ice cream, gymnastics, the pool, flying kites and the list goes on. She has some of the sweetest friends!
There are babies all around me. I know of five different families that are having babies and the second family had their little man last week. We visited Ben the week prior and this week we visited Jude.
We headed to the park for some playtime and then we finished off our fun with a stop at a yummy ice cream shop. Barrett loved pushing the merry-go-round with the big boys!
We spent some time at one of favorite spots, the farm. Boots and dirt are a given with these three at the farm. They were digging for treasure and ended up finding a golf ball, a battery and a few other things.
We prepped for school by blinging out Amelia's headphones. Headphones were on her list and solid black just wouldn't work so we added some red jewels and they turned out so cute!
We had Amelia's open house and we got to meet her teacher and explore her room. She was a little nervous but she is excited!
We jumped at the mall (on a day when I thought I couldn't make it until Jason got home--my patience is wearing thin) with our cousins. I wish I would have taken more than this one picture.
We have napped and watched YouTube Kids (maybe a little too much YouTube Kids)
We made our "First Day of School" signs and realized that school is starting and our summer is just about over.
Our days have been filled with fun, friends and an occasional fight (or two). I think we've did a pretty good job of enjoying the moments and I think we are all ready for what is to come.

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